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Full control over your stocks and shortage avoidance.

Pharmacy stock-takes

In modern pharmacies, regular stock-taking is becoming increasingly important as a means of ensuring better financial management and reducing losses to a minimum. Especially in recent years, pharmacies not only have pharmaceutical but also a wide range of parapharmaceutical products and other beauty and care products.

It’s not very pleasant for pharmacists to have to tell customers they have a product because it appears on their ERP system only to discover that it is not actually in stock. Besides, when placing orders with a supplier, the pharmacist won’t have a reliable picture of existing stocks, meaning erroneous purchasing decisions may be made.
In addition, knowing the ‘turnaround time’ of products (in other words how long it takes for them to sell) helps in deciding whether to purchase one brand over another.

It’s not hard to understand that when a pharmacy also has an e-shop (it’s very own e-pharmacy) this becomes a real imperative.

There are two methods that can be used in situations like this:


Keeping a permanently ‘locked’ warehouse.

This means recording products both at the time of purchase and sale. To implement this method, pharmacy staff need to understand the importance of keeping a warehouse so that they are very careful when handling deliveries and sales. In this case at least one stock-take per year is needed.

Carrying out periodic stock-takes. This is done quite a few times during the year (anywhere between 3 and 6 times).

Periodic stock-takes immediately help resolve important issues before they turn into major problems. By carrying out periodic stock-takes, pharmacists are in a position to know where the company’s stock is, what category it belongs to, what shelf it is on, etc., and thus learn if they have large or smalls stocks of items, which enables them to put in place specific pricing and ordering policies.
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In 3 simple steps

We understand your business’ needs by thoroughly monitoring the procedures it follows.
We schedule the stock-takes in arrangement with you, the client.
The existing software is configured based on your needs to generate the reports you need.

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