Warehouse Inventory

The first step in building a management template concerning merchandise or any supplies is the physical inventory process carried out by one or more specialized employees of each company. Physical inventories, cumulative or departmental, must be performed at least twice or three times a year. This practice helps businesses have a realistic picture of their merchandise / stock so that they can manage it in relation to the other departments (accounting, sales).

For example, an initial physical inventory must be built upon the arrival of the products at the warehouse or the store (Receive of goods).  A second one can take place mid-year, let’s say May - June - July (before the temporary summer recess or holidays). The third, and most important, is at the end of the fiscal year, which help us collect important data, not only fiscal (financially), but statistical as well (sales - stock).


Benefits from working with INVEPLUS:

Fast and reliable inventory by experienced staff.

  • No need for the business to hire and train staff for the stocktaking or occupy current staff
  • Specially designed software
  • Cutting edge Scanners
  • Customized Reporting Options

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