Price and Stock Verification

The availability of a product at the chosen market places is a very crucial factor for trading companies. Significant research in the EU has shown that consumers tend to substitute a product which is not easy to find or is not readily available with another competitive one, even at a higher price or of lower quality.

This INVEPLUS service offers retail businesses, chain stores, and franchisors the potential to monitor the availability of their products as well as any change in pricing, packaging, or positioning they have been subjected to. This service aims to track and report possible problems concerning the state and availability of the products.

This is put to practice with the co-operation of the involved sides and the authorization of INVEPLUS to access information such as the designated placement of the products, their code, description, packaging and price.

    The multiple benefits of the service:

  • Problem tracking and reporting concerning merchandising.
  • Reliability in collecting information.
  • Increased sales.

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